Disorders Misdiagnosed

Video – Wargames Ending

From childhood many of us were exposed to the game of Monopoly. The objective being to take it all and leave everyone behind. And from childhood many of us have been exposed to studio audience laugh-a-longs and drivel on “SNL” with presidential imitators to make us laugh and ridicule them while forgetting they are human and yet also very accountable to our current state of humanity.

The Titanic sank and the story of how it sank it is changing up to the day, much like most stories go today. Bombarded with so much info, you are a conspiracy theorist if you dig in and ask more questions. Now take it one step further and ‘fake news’ is everywhere so even the true stories will be dismissed. Perhaps the Titanic sank on a dare? “Run through that iceberg, I bet it won’t sink!”

The amount of stories we will read today that have no immediate impact on our lives yet we will stay pay attention and devote our time is well designed. Again, we know more about the people we watch on the screens than we do of many “family and friends”.


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On Off Switch


The command prompts and genetic dispositions are one and the same.

Visualizing a vacuum sucking us into space.

Seeing a light and wanting to go to it more and realizing they are waking you up too early. It just wasn’t the right time, I wasn’t ready to leave here.

The moments of clarity are clearly bugs in our software.

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Tin Can Triangle Openings

Distractions. Attention. Fear. Debt. Hacking. Overwhelmed. Anxiety. Degeneration. Overweight. Empty. Cold. Sick. Lost. Zombie. Soldiers. Sheep. Tidal Wave. Fire Sky. Devoid. Going Nowhere. Careless. Energy.

Before Turning Cpu On:

How about a lint brush for your fur coat?

I sent the message yesterday and still no response. They must have read it by now. I don’t reply when someone isn’t a priority.

A new haircut for the holiday party. Whiten the teeth. Skin cream for eczema. We should all show up in our jogging and yoga pants. Not our fur coats.

What is Internet, Anyway? – 1994 – telnet – coffee house – <p>

The libraries will be sought after when the digital books are erased by the magnetic north. The northern lights are sparking. Eyes closed and seeing lights after being punched. Feeling faint and want to lie down. Want to lie.

The discovery of Santa’s existence is important. If your parents and advisers and mentors are going to lie to you, then you should be wary of EVERYONE. It will teach them to not be naive. Go ahead and tell them he’s coming down the chimney. I’m feeling faint. Need some cookies and milk to get my blood sugar up.

The paramedic rarely saves lives. It’s a race to the finish line and they always get a head start on her.

Tapping Glass


There is a fish in my home. It is a pet. It has it’s own room in an aquarium.

I feed the fish food pellets twice a day when I remember.

This past week it occurred to me that the fish reminded me of the parents of my generation.

Attention starved. The food pellets are me. They are us.

When I walk away, the fish swims around and the parents stay in the comfort of their own home. Limited movement.

Waiting until I come back again.


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