FWD: Sing Blue Silver

Jesse Ventura who once governed in Minnesota lives in remote Mexico during the winter. He recently said something to the effect of people in Mexico knowing their government was corrupt while America did not recognize the same to their own. The difference with the majority of Americans was that they refused to believe that corruption […]

On Coke In Rome

The sun was shining on the peasants in the lineup and we were there too. Get in line, get in line. That’s what we do. Freedom is fantastic is it not? I have numbers assigned to me. I have to get in line and be “civilized”. We’ve come a long way as a human race […]

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Few Places

One day you find a nice beach. You sit on it and relax. It’s a nice little getaway. The next day you start to see some development and hear more noises around you that weren’t there before. It seems that some others have found the place attractive as well. Shortly after your discovery the hotels […]

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Ten Years Gone

Ten years ago: When you planned on meeting someone, you just took their word and met them. You didn’t text or call them when you were 5 minutes away from being on time. We were getting fleeced over by the Y2K scare. We scared and saved the world. You couldn’t leave a pub without smelling […]

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