Speaking In Kissing Tongues

Looking at the pink sunrise enhancing the mountains. Inner thoughts suggest it would be possible to see the same backdrop and view with a horrific blast and cloud rising above. The sky would open up and suck us in. And while skydiving upwards all our thoughts would race as fast as our heartbeats. Being lonely […]

Electric Attention Spans

When arriving to magnetic North it will be much better if the timing coincides with some Aurora Borealis activity. Outfit of choice will be made of magnets amongst other things to keep me warm. Mother is now very religious, apologetic, guilty, paranoid. Stained glass windows only tint the blood of the innocent. There will be […]

Speech of Freedom

Feel like a fish who keeps falling for the same bait over and over again. Getting reeled in and thrown back in the water. Getting cut from the hook each time yet coming back for more. Recycled piss makes a rainbow on the trout appear different. Morning radio. Commutes. Coffee. Moral and ethical decisions. Making […]

Tasks For Gatherers

  Grids and nodes and cookies and semantics. Boil them all together. So much anger and resentment. Years of build down. Two people seeking the same goal but in different directions. In the future, the ability to track what you did on a given day in the past on the internet will be available. And […]

Suits Your Tie

There were some ducks resting in the water this morning. Very calm. Just floating. Then looked up and saw some birds and wondered where they were flying. There was even a pack of 5 birds flying in a V-shape going somewhere. Some of us will just float. And then there are those that will hover. […]