Before Turning Cpu On:

How about a lint brush for your fur coat?

I sent the message yesterday and still no response. They must have read it by now. I don’t reply when someone isn’t a priority.

A new haircut for the holiday party. Whiten the teeth. Skin cream for eczema. We should all show up in our jogging and yoga pants. Not our fur coats.

What is Internet, Anyway? – 1994 – telnet – coffee house – <p>

The libraries will be sought after when the digital books are erased by the magnetic north. The northern lights are sparking. Eyes closed and seeing lights after being punched. Feeling faint and want to lie down. Want to lie.

The discovery of Santa’s existence is important. If your parents and advisers and mentors are going to lie to you, then you should be wary of EVERYONE. It will teach them to not be naive. Go ahead and tell them he’s coming down the chimney. I’m feeling faint. Need some cookies and milk to get my blood sugar up.

The paramedic rarely saves lives. It’s a race to the finish line and they always get a head start on her.

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