Tin Can Triangle Openings

Distractions. Attention. Fear. Debt. Hacking. Overwhelmed. Anxiety. Degeneration. Overweight. Empty. Cold. Sick. Lost. Zombie. Soldiers. Sheep. Tidal Wave. Fire Sky. Devoid. Going Nowhere. Careless. Energy.

Before Turning Cpu On:

How about a lint brush for your fur coat? I sent the message yesterday and still no response. They must have read it by now. I don’t reply when someone isn’t a priority. A new haircut for the holiday party. Whiten the teeth. Skin cream for eczema. We should all show up in our jogging […]

Extra Ticket Available

  There is a buffer zone in the well designed world we live in. Full of good intentioned people doing wrong. Turning against each other and hustling each other. Because of sheer desperation. The laws and the rules make complete sense to everyone except those that indeed made them. You make the rules, you win. […]

Banks Have Minimal Overhead

We are guided by pictures and hypnotic slideshows. More interest in fantasy than true reality. Systematic checkpoints keep us in toe. It’s not that we don’t want to question things, it’s that we now have no time to question things. Forcefed like the cows that are being fed to be slaughtered for our dinners. Let’s […]

Confusion Breaks Bones

I don’t know if I want to try this from post to post but I figured I’d play the connection game. Yesterday’s post about Zappa was titled after a Deep Purple song. Today, the video above is a song called Jack Ruby by Deep Purple. Jack Ruby was on phenmetrazine at the time he shot […]