North Star Sunshine


It rains and then it drains.

Back into the river and into the treatment plants.

Excess chemical byproduct is wasted usefully and treats the water.

It goes to the people through aging pipes and into their kitchens. Some goes into beer. Some of it goes into soda and coffee and food.

We pay to eat it. We pay to drink it. Add some sugar to sweeten it.

We work hard to get those drinks. And do we enjoy them, yes, yes.

We piss it away. It drains.

Here comes the rain.

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Extra Ticket Available


There is a buffer zone in the well designed world we live in. Full of good intentioned people doing wrong. Turning against each other and hustling each other. Because of sheer desperation.

The laws and the rules make complete sense to everyone except those that indeed made them. You make the rules, you win.

It’s okay to get moved to tears. It’s unfortunate that we need to become vulnerable and distraught in this day and age to get there most of the time.

Banks Have Minimal Overhead

We are guided by pictures and hypnotic slideshows. More interest in fantasy than true reality.

Systematic checkpoints keep us in toe.

It’s not that we don’t want to question things, it’s that we now have no time to question things.

Forcefed like the cows that are being fed to be slaughtered for our dinners.

Let’s take a tour of Marseilles sometime with Google Maps, you and I. We will walk separately or I will share my desktop with you for an even more personal tour.

Our homes are like cages. Surrounded by strangers that live next door. Avoiding them at all costs. Too busy. Devoting some attention to them adds to your stress. Just one more funeral or wedding I now have to attend.

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on liquids. Walking down the aisles and seeing all the colas, juices, sodas, pops, bottled water, liquor, beer. Pissing it all away too the same day we consume. Then we buy it again after the piss is treated and put back in our food chain.

Manufactured success is rarely worth it.

It wasn’t my tongue. It was my gum that was cut. Seems like it’s healing though, feels better today. Woke up groggy. Haven’t touched a drink all year though.

Confusion Breaks Bones

I don’t know if I want to try this from post to post but I figured I’d play the connection game.

Yesterday’s post about Zappa was titled after a Deep Purple song. Today, the video above is a song called Jack Ruby by Deep Purple.

Jack Ruby was on phenmetrazine at the time he shot Oswald.

Kim Wozencraft, of Dallas, TX – where JFK was shot – wrote the famous novel Rush, which was made into a movie of which I have not seen yet. Nor have I read the book.

She was the executive editor for Prison Life magazine, which ties into the article I read about Damien Echols and the WM3 today: here.

Back to Ruby, I have read that Kim said that IV version of phenmetrazine was the most euphoric and pro-sexual of the stimulants she ever used.

Preludin was the trade name of the chemical and nicknamed ‘Prellies’ which were said to have been used quite frequently by the Beatles when they were playing long nights when they first started out in Germany.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Some of the stimulants that our escapist society seeks.

Escapism sells and keeps us occupied. From what though? I ask myself that every day these days.

Today I was sleep deprived yet productive. Tongue still feels prickly. Throat sore.

Smoke On The Water

Today I watched quite a few Frank Zappa video clips. Not one clip though of his music which is crazy considering he created multiple albums in his lifetime. His son is on tour now and playing some of them live to introduce them to people like me who never got to hear them in a live setting. Unfortunately I just missed the show nearby.

Even indirectly, his presence influenced bands to write hit songs. See: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.

His thoughts on the church and schools were most interesting to me. Especially considering how they are such an influence on children growing up.

He was creative but also very observant.

The creativity can be sucked out of someone when they are a good student at school.

It has been foggy this morning/evening and the right/back side of my tongue is sore.

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